Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Have you fallen out of love with your kitchen? Does it look old-fashioned and worn? Have you recently moved into your home and want the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of? Are you preparing to sell your house and realize a new look will bring greater rewards?

Resurfacing your kitchen cabinets is an ideal option for returning your kitchen to its previous warmth and beauty or bringing a 21st century décor to a 20th century kitchen – at savings of 50 to 75 percent over the cost of new kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

We offer cabinet refinishing and cabinet resurfacing services.Your kitchen cabinet drawers and shelving space are functional but the doors and facing looked old and worn. Return your kitchen to its former splendor or create an entirely new look by refacing the cabinets.

Choose from thousands of styles and options. Our suppliers are industry-leaders in quality – WalzCraft and Cabinet Door Service. We provide new hardware and hinges with lifetime warranties, as well as new drawer boxes if needed.

Kitchen cabinet refacing requires special tools, skills and craftsmanship, which we at GoldStar Home Improvement have been practicing for years.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is an excellent option for bringing new life and brightness to your kitchen without replacing them. Yet refinishing kitchen cabinets is difficult to do properly and GoldStar Home Improvements is one of only a few service providers with the right knowledge, skills and tools to deliver the look you want.

Our unique refinishing process allows us to save your existing cabinets and make them look like new – without the mess and hassle of stripping. Using special equipment, finishes and coating we sand and recoat your existing cabinets and cabinet facings with toner and glazing and bring new life and style to your kitchen. We deliver a factory-finish look and provide a five-year warranty, the same as factory-sold cabinets.

We developed our kitchen cabinet refinishing process under the leadership of renown “Doctor Dan” of Upscale Woodfinishing.

Call us today for a free, no obligation estimate. We can give you a new kitchen in just one week.

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